How Long Does A Bonsai Tree Live?

How Long Does A Bonsai Tree Live?
Although bonsai trees are famed for being so hard to take care of, you hear tales about them dwelling for lots of of years. I made a decision to perform a little research into how lengthy a bonsai tree lives for…

Bonsai trees can live for lots of of years. Currently the oldest identified bonsai tree is over 1000 years previous. Due to the fixed care and upkeep performed to bonsai timber, they sometimes reside 25% longer than a tree of the identical species living in nature. Let’s discover out why… 


How Long Do Bonsai Trees Live?

Bonsai trees lifespans are primarily right down to the care and well being of the tree, not the actual fact it’s grown in a small pot.

Depending on how the tree is cared for, it could possibly be useless inside 5 months or it might develop for 1000 years.

The trees used for bonsai are the very same because the timber grown out in nature, a Ficus bonsai is genetically similar to a Ficus discovered naturally in South Asia.

It’s for that motive that you’d anticipate a bonsai tree to reside for a similar period of time because the species of tree is supposed to reside for.

But, do bonsai timber reside for longer? Yes, bonsai timber get an enormous quantity of care and routine upkeep in comparison with the timber rising out in nature.

This means the basis system is at all times rejuvenated, the foliage is wholesome, it has sufficient vitamins, excellent rising situations and normally freed from illness.

There is a research exhibiting that bonsai timber will reside on common 25% longer than a tree of the identical species!

There is not any actual expiration date on the lifetime of a bonsai tree. It’s not like they get to 50 years of age and begin slowly dying off. As lengthy because the tree stays healthy, vigorous and illness free it might reside for lots of of years!


Factors That Decide How Long A Bonsai Will Live For

There are an enormous quantity of things that go into dictating how long a bonsai tree will reside. Like every other dwelling being, it must get the precise care, over a long time frame.

Trees that get the incorrect care or completely none, won’t reside for lengthy. Whereas bonsai that get the right care, mixed with not getting any illness, will certainly live for lots of of years.

Some of those elements dictating how lengthy a bonsai tree will reside for embody:

  • The species – Some species are likely to reside for longer than others.
  • The setting  – Bonsai timber should be grown within the excellent situations to remain healthy and promote robust development.
  • The normal care – These timber require fixed watering, pruning, repotting and pest maintenance to make sure they reside a very long time, with out this care it won’t reside lengthy.
  • A little bit of luck – Some bonsai can get illnesses that may be as severe as to kill the tree. Rightly some illnesses equivalent to root rot are introduced on by unhealthy care, however some are barely extra random.

This bonsai tree, said to be round 400 years previous is without doubt one of the rarest on this planet. Besides the actual fact it has survived for hundreds of years, this White Pine additionally survived the Hiroshima catastrophe, making it actually some of the breathtaking bonsai.

This tree resides proof that bonsai can still outlive their species out in nature, given the right care. It’s a purpose of mine to really fly to see this tree in particular person sooner or later over the following few years, I haven’t seen a bonsai with such an incredible story earlier than.


The Oldest Bonsai Tree

This is at present considered the oldest bonsai tree on this planet! This Ficus is sitting at over 1000 years previous, which is really unbelievable.
I’ve compiled a list of the 7 oldest bonsai trees, which you would possibly discover fascinating! Just as a result of this Ficus has made it to over 1000 years previous, doesn’t imply mine will, nor yours.
This tree would have been cared for, nurtured and handled amazingly to make it to the age it has! It at present sits within the Crespi Bonsai Museum.
It’s stated that this tree was initially below the care of Chinese Bonsai Masters, before being handed onto a Japanese Master by the name of Shotaro Kawahara.


Proper Care

Environment is essential to a healthy Bonsai. Depending on the number of tree, it could thrive outdoor or indoors.

Outdoor species require a season of chilly climate and turn out to be dormant. Outdoor Bonsai are prone to die if stored indoors for an extended time frame.

During milder seasons equivalent to spring and summer time an outside Bonsai could also be introduced indoors for as much as every week.

An indoor Bonsai tree have to be stored at temperatures between 50 and 80 levels. In milder months they might be stored exterior, however excessive chilly will cause it to die and have to be stored indoors.

As with different crops correct watering is a vital consideration. Soil moisture must be monitored intently to make sure it’s not over or underneath watered.

In summer time months when it’s sizzling the tree will should be watered incessantly, much less regularly within the winter or wet months.

Though many Bonsai lovers selected to create their very own soil combine, a store-bought potting combine may also be used. Bonsai particular soil mixes can be found.

The important distinction from a Bonsai combine and different potting soil mixes is the lowered quantity of fertilizer.

Fertilizer is commonly used for crops the grower needs to turn out to be full and luxurious. Bonsai crops require fertilizer for optimum well being as effectively.

To guarantee correct development, a fertilizer containing Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium have to be given to the plant on the proper time of 12 months.

Nitrogen enhances the expansion of stems and leaves. Phosphorus ensures wholesome roots and encourages budding. Potassium helps shield in opposition to illness and encourages flowering.

Fertilize the Bonsai all through spring and summer time with a balanced combine and change to a fertilizer missing in nitrogen within the fall in preparation for winter.


Trimming For Bonsai Tree

A Bonsai tree, like all plant, has a daily development cycle. Though the Bonsai does look like stunted, this doesn’t imply it has ceased in development.

Proper trimming of a Bonsai tree is the important thing to sustaining its miniature stature whereas holding it wholesome for a protracted life.

Depending on the plant, it could reply effectively to pruning or wrestle to get well from an intense trimming. Typically new development could be trimmed within the Spring and previous development must be pruned within the Fall.

Conifer timber similar to pine or cedar could be pruned with the fingers utilizing a twisting movement. This produces a extra pure search for these varieties than utilizing scissors. Deciduous trees fare higher with scissor pruning.

Trimming sick or diseased leaves and branches can enhance the well being of the tree. Monitoring the plant’s development rigorously to have the ability to decide which branches produce wholesome leaves and that are struggling to outlive.

Pruning the unhealthy branches can enable the remainder of the plant to flourish and encourage wholesome branches to develop the following season.

Once the specified branches and leaves have been trimmed, a sealant ought to be utilized to the lower branches. A wax sealant is greatest for a conifer tree, whereas a tar-based paint is greatest for deciduous varieties.

Final Thoughts

Bonsai trees can reside for lots of of years if cultivated correctly. Using the age previous strategies, there isn’t any motive a bonsai tree won’t reside 25% longer than the very same species out in nature.

The precise period of time a bonsai will reside is determined by an enormous quantity of things and all species are stated to die at completely different ages, so there isn’t any precise expiration date on bonsai.

Let me know the way previous the oldest bonsai in your collection is!

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