About Me

About me- Meenu Prakash

Hello Gardeners!!

Welcome to this platform where we can speak our heart out in praises of our lovely garden and also learn about some tips and tricks to enhance the enchanting beauty of our Garden!!

I am Meenu Prakash, a resident of New Delhi, back home my roots are in Asansol, West Bengal. Wow! Doesn’t that sound like a gardener talking

Well! When I try to recall that when exactly I developed this passion, the only thing that I can remember is that once I had to write an essay on my favorite hobby (I was in school. Maybe class 6 or 7 and I chose to write about gardening. But trust me I was least involved in gardening at that time or knew much about it. But I was always happy when I saw my garden as birds and butterflies were its regular visitors. I bet that no one can second the thought that it is the most spectacular sight that our eyes can behold. We get a very serene and soothing feeling and our mind also gets relaxed to see such a beautiful harmony and a glimpse of Nature and what best than the feeling of growing a plant by our own from seeds.

I welcome you all here where we can share our experience and help every gardener to relish their passion. After all who does not want a lively garden which is always thronged by butterflies, bees, bird chirping and plants nodding their head in full bloom.